ORT: ITALIEN, Casa Laboratorio il Cerquosino, Morrano Orvieto (TR)
DATUM: 21.-29.3.2019

Unser italienischer Partner LUNARIA organisiert ein Seminar, wie Jugendprojekte inklusiver gestaltet werden können.

Das Seminar ist kostenlos! Teilnehmer_innen mit einer Lernbehinderung und Menschen, die im Bereich Inklusion arbeiten  werden bevorzugt aufgenommen. Der Kurs ist auf Englisch, falls du Übersetzung auf deutsch brauchst, werden wir versuchen eine Lösung zu finden.


WAVES NFE Tools and Body Awareness for Inclusive Youth Projects


In 2013 Lunaria defined and launched a medium term strategy about disability to promote inclusion and active participation of people and young people with different abilities and forms of impairments. The strategy is grounded in the main idea that we are not looking forward to
“integrate” people with disability, but we aim to give value to the different skills and abilities in order to activate new forms of participation and understanding.
The actors, target groups and beneficiaries of the process are young people, youth-social workers, local organizations and NGOs.
The work done was developed around a set of key questions as:
How do we define disability and what stands behind our way of understanding it?
Are prejudices or preconceived ideas influencing or affecting our way of acting when we
meet people with disabilities?
How do we use words and definitions?
Do we use labels and what are the direct or indirect consequences?
What are the barriers to a full participation and how to overcome them?
How to develop tools really based on the targets’ groups needs and able to enhance the full participation and involvement leaving no one left out?

AIM: to develop tools and methods within the youth work framework to actively promote the
participation of young people with intellectual disabilities in mobility activities and the
interaction of heterogeneous groups of people with different abilities. Furthermore, we wish to
potentiate the cohesion and the cooperation among European organizations active in the field
of disability and to generate new actions and projects within this frame.
FOCUS: the current project is grounded on the work already undertaken and capitalizing its
main outcomes this time the main focus will be intellectual disability and impairment.
WAVES is a pilot project, including four strategic actions with the following specific objectives:

 to share the current situation of the involved countries concerning the way in
which disability is approached, analysing the reasons behind the lack of participation of
youngsters with disability in local and international projects;
 to reflect on the causes and the consequences of exclusion and discriminative
events toward people with disability;
 to share and enhance the idea of “different abilities”, promoting diversity in
 to share good practices and pilot experiences to promote inclusive approaches and
actions in the involved countries;
 to share the existing methods youth workers and organizations are using to promote
active participation of youngsters with intellectual disability and impairment;
 to develop tools and methods to meet the needs of young people with “different
abilities”, to enhance the interaction and the participation among heterogeneous groups
of young people.

Who can participate?

We are looking for participants who  are active in your youth organization (volunteers, staff, mentors …)

Note that possible participants should

  • be over 18 years old
  • Involved in the work an Austrian organisation (as a volunteer and/or worker)
  • Able to attend the whole duration of the course
  • Able to work in English/translation if needed can be discussed
  • Interested in inclusion and volunteering
  • Ready to pass the knowledge on

The main working language will be English.

We  strongly encourage organisations to send participants with a learning disability to the training course.



Application & financial support

The Financial support is sought within the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 1.

A travel lum sum up to 275,- is provided for Austrian participants

Board and lodging will be covered by the Erasmus+ program


How to join the project?

If you decide to participate at the project please make sure that you have contacted us via mail latest on 28.1.2019

We are looking forward to receive your applications!

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