Grenzenlos is running international projects and exchanges since several years. Since 2014 we realised several Training courses focusing first on Civil Courage and because of the discussions there, on Human Rights.

In the Human Rights trainings we noticed, that many participants believed, that Human Rights do not go in line with religious believes and practices. The lack of knowledge about religions give people a misperception of others and/or their own religion. This can be abused, leading to violence and extremist movements.

According to this experience and in line with our MEDA focus in 2018 we decided to organize a training course together with our partner URI Mena on preventing youth from the radicalization. The Training course will be hosted by United Religions Initiative Middle East and North Africa (URI MENA) in Amman, Jordan. An organization that has long experience in interfaith dialogue and runs peacebuilding projects all over the Middle East and North Africa. Jordan is a peaceful Islamic country and a role model for peaceful coexistence of religions.  We are planning to involve youth workers, that are working with Youth, refugees, migrants and other vulnerable groups.

Aims and Objects:

  • To promote knowledge about different religions and cultures
  • To empower youth workers with skills, knowledge and necessary competences through the sensitive use of media, Nonviolent Communication & Interfaith Harmony
  • To promote peace and prevent radicalization and hate speeches
  • To raise awareness on vulnerable groups to radicalization within our societies and to allow participants to discover the different situations of other participating countries
  • To promote tolerance and diversity towards other religions within local and international voluntary and youth projects
  • To experience interfaith harmony and cohesion by involving participants from different religious backgrounds in the training course
  • To give youth organisations methods on how to prevent youth from radicalization within their existing projects
  • to get inspired by best practice examples in Jordan and the Middle East
  • to give youth workers from Europe and MEDA countries the chance to exchange and understand their working circumstances.

Who can participate?

Wir haben zwei Plätze für Teilnehmer_innen aus Österreich!

We are looking for youth workers who work with the target groups in a professional or informal context.
Note that the possible participant should

  • be older than 18
  • If you send two participants please take care about the gender balance
  • Able to attend during the whole duration of the course
  • Able to work in English
  • Interested in prevention of extremism
  • Able to implement the learned tools in their organizational environment
  • Interested to learn about different religions
  • Ready to pass knowledge
  • Ready to implement activities after the training
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