Training für Menschenrechte

ORT: Wien (Der Seminarraum ist barrierefrei!)
DATUM: 10.-17.9.2017

Grenzenlos is running international projects and exchanges since several years. In 2014 and 2015 we were running 3 training courses on civil courage and noticed that the words “human rights” are well known but not what it means for individuals and for the daily life. According to our experiences we decided to organize a 6-day training course on how to promote and teach human rights among young people who are active in local voluntary projects. Grenzenlos is planning to involve local volunteers, who are active in the implementation of projects (workcamps, local refugee projects etc.) and who will furthermore pass their skills on.

Aims & Objectives

  • To promote and learn about Human Righst among young people
  • To promote peace and fight against anti-hate speeches
  • To empower young Human Rights activists with skills, knowledge and necessary competences to implement good quality projects on HR & Peace
  • To raise awareness on human right violations in our societies
  • To promote human rights within local and international voluntary projects
  • To help young people develop their initiatives on Human Rights
  • To give youth organisations methods on how to promote human rights within their existing projects
  • To have fruitful debates and learning about HR & Peace projects among young people from all over Europe

We strongly encourage organisations to send participants with a physical disability to the training course.  Participants with disabilities are free of charge!

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