Follow the Impulse of your inner artist

ORT: Creative Space Hollókő, Hungary, Ommen Netherlands

DATUM:6-14 Mai 2019 und 11-19 July 2019 



The aim of this long-term training course is to empower those, who work with groups of young people to be confident and free in experiencing and using improvisational and artistic methods as a tool for personal and professional development in youth

work, training, and facilitation.

The objectives

– To rediscover the improvisation skills of youth workers/educators/trainers through artistic methods (theatre, dance, music, painting)

– To learn and experience how to use artistic methods while working with young people to improve/foster self-confidence and release the creativity

– To reflect on their own learning as a youth worker through the experience of artistic methods (connection to the inner artist)

– To create a space for the participants to design, implement and evaluate experimental artistic activities

– To create a network for sustainability of the idea by cooperating and creating new projects


There will be 2 training courses in 2019 for the same participants. One will take place in Creative Space in Hollókő (Hungary) and in Ommen (the Netherlands). There will be a practical/online phase between the 2 main activities. Dates will be specified early fall.

Application & financial support

Participation fee for participants: 50 Euro (The  amount will be reduced from the refund of travel costs)


The Financial support is sought within the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 1.

Board and lodging will be covered by the Erasmus+ program

How to join the project?

If you decide to participate at the project please make sure that you have contacted us via mail latest on 14.March.

We are looking forward to receive your applications!

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